About Hearts of Stone

Hearts of Stone is a charitable organization, based in Phoenix, AZ. Created in December of 1998 by employees of Master Marble Ltd., the founding premise is…“Pretend we have all the money in the world, and give it away!” Since its inception, Hearts of Stone has been combining resources with various humanitarian organizations to positively impact the Phoenix, Arizona community. In 2002 we created the first international Hearts of Stone project. This project, the Pura Vida No Pro Surfing Contest was held in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Our mission “to develop the entrepreneurialism in at-risk children and to transform the organizations that support them” first began to cultivate. Our organization has members from around the globe including police officers, teenagers, business owners, tribal chiefs and other generous human beings. As a group of citizens we believe anything is possible! We come together through projects we create offering the one thing everyone can bring to any project…ourselves.
Our vision is to transform the paradigm of at-risk children and the organizations that care for them to one of self-sustainability and self-determination. The core gift of Hearts of Stone is to provide the realization to children that they can change their circumstances by changing their belief that can contribute to other less fortunate children, organizations and communities. They can do so by their own efforts while guided by artist champions. We are teaching at-risk children that they are the ones who can sustain a change for themselves through an entrepreneurial channel.
For more information about Hearts of Stone, contact steve@heartsofstone.org.